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Carolina Avaca

I’m a journalist and I have been working in the media for the last 15 years. In 2018, I joined Bede’s Grammar School as a teacher of the options Radio and Journalism. I'm pleased to be part of this wonderful project. 

Our community's radio

Bede's Grammar School authorities have decided to set up a radio station with educational purposes.

The general main aims are:

  • Improve English speaking and writing skills

  • Develop student´s critical thinking, the competence of taking a position, to defend it and discuss a personal point of view about a theme 

  • Generate and explain opinion

  • Understand and come to understand each other

  • Inclusion: having a Radio station run by the students and for the students will help build an inclusive atmosphere in the school

  • Build confidence: Students are allowed to express their views, discuss important issues or share ideas

  • Improve literacy: producing a show or a radio drama implies writing scripts, for example.

  • Give students a voice and empowerment

  • Teamwork

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